The Spirit of Love

The Spirit of Love

When was the last time that you looked into the mirror and didn’t scowl at your own reflection? At that moustache, that’s visible only to your eyes, or that speckle of red freckles, spread across your nose like a constellation. When was the last time you looked at a rose and saw more than just a flower? Did the colours remind you of a distant childhood memory? When did you just sit by yourself, and think of just how wonderful you are? No bad thoughts, no recounting your failures, no sighs and if only(s), just a moment of peace, of connecting with your own self and accepting yourself, for what you are.

If you can’t remember, well, get yourself a tub of ice-cream and go watch an episode of Sex and the City. Because you dear woman, deserve a break.

Cook something that you dearly love. Hate cooking? Get a friend to cook for you. We all know your dewy eyes and puppy face can make hearts melt faster than chocolate sundae on a hot summer afternoon! So go and put it to some delicious use. Get a massage. Oh! Heavenly massage! Or coax your guy into rubbing your feet. Turn the heat up, dim the lights down, and let him hold on to that sliver of hope. Get a face pack on. No matter what the time, no matter who’s in the house… your face, your rules. Go for a walk or run if you must, feel your heart beating louder than the Ganpati beats that threaten to deafen you every year. Live. Exist. Breathe.

Look at the woman staring at you in the mirror. Smile at her. Let her know, you are a friend. Because unless you open the doors to being friends with yourself, unless you let the spirit of love take over you, you won’t know how beautiful you really are.

Love your curves, your angles, your colours. Find the joy in your crooked smile, your uniqueness in the mole on your thigh. Smell the roses, don’t just swipe through their pictures on Instagram. Admire the celebrities for their work not their waists. Look for the beauty in your own imagination and dream, dear woman. Dream of the days you were a young girl, who wore a paper crown and dreamt of ruling the world.

Because she is still you, and YOU are still you. And before anyone else, you must love, you.

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    Very touching and true.

  • Shweta

    Extremely nice article

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