Flowing Thoughts

Emotionally Unavailable - What is it? Reasons
The basis of a healthy relationship is emotion, which not only affects all human decisions, but are a great driving force in making them too. They help bring two people closer in a relationship and act as a catalyst for their love. ..
The Mother of 385 Banyan Trees - Saalumarada Thimmakka
There’s a five-km stretch on a highway in Karnataka, between Kudur and Hulikal, that’s lined with majestic Banyan Trees. These trees are special, because they were all planted by one woman - Saaluumarada Thimmakka.
Breastfeeding & Menstruation | What You Need to Know
Pregnancy sure comes with its own set of shenanigans, but the one joy it definitely brings is a break from your period cycle. But did you know that your periods will take a while to return even after childbirth? 
Stigma around Divorce
Marriages are built on the foundation of love, trust and respect and when either of these factors begin to lose its way, the marriage starts disintegrating in bits and pieces. Later, what follows is a nightmare, leading to the “D” word. In India, divorce is a married woman’s nightmare...
How to be More Inclusive
Gender inclusivity is not limited to equal pay and equal rights. It includes the way we perceive others on the basis of gender, the ideas we attach to them, and the daily practices we follow. It is each person’s right to live and engage in an environment that is respectful...
Loving your Own Body

Last week, one of my younger male colleagues, recently engaged to be married, asked me if I had received a rose from my husband. I must have looked blank, because he prompted, "today’s Rose Day, you know". Ah… the run up to Valentines’ Day. 

Kindness Is Empowering

It was on a Tuesday, back in 1994, that I first learned about the power of kindness. Nope. Not true. I have no memory of any Tuesdays of 1994. I was 4, in 1994. I didn’t even fully understand the concept of a week, in 1994. Here’s the thing about kindness, though...

India's acceptance of Homosexuality
The law can legislate and wise men in the courts can pass orders; but the real test of the acceptance of any verdict is in the court of the people and that of society at large. Public acceptance is everything. Especially when any law is passed that is regarded as contrary...
Damn the Biological Clock!
Open the dating app of your preference and you’ll see it chock-full of 30+ year olds, still very single and ready to mingle. With career catch-up and social salsa on the cards, marriage is a distant thought, and having kids even further.
The darker side of womanhood
Switch on the television and browse through any Indian Channel. You’ll notice, and this is interesting, that every daily soap that you’ll come across has at least one female character who’s the devil incarnate. And it’s not just in the recent times
Ms. Self-doubt & Friends
I feel like a small-little-nothing sometimes. Like my words have no meaning, my thoughts no voice and my life, no direction. I feel as if I am just a puppet, with someone else’ fingers twisting and turning me.
The Spirit of Love
When was the last time that you looked into the mirror and didn’t scowl at your own reflection? At that moustache, that’s visible only to your eyes, or that speckle of red freckles, spread across your nose like a constellation.
Till divorce does us apart
My wedding day was not the happiest day of my life. Don’t get me wrong. I was marrying my sweetheart and there is no one in the world I would rather be with. But on that day, all I could think of...
Bra – A Woman’s Best Frenemy
It all starts with a Sports Bra. When a girl hits the 12-year mark and her smooth chest decides it’s time to get some attention. And so begins the painful, exciting and somewhat fascinating journey of boobies...