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Abortion Law in India - Is Abortion legal in India?
With Alabama passing a bill to outlaw the procedure of abortion, I, like many women in India, wondered what our country’s stand on the issue is. Is abortion legal in India? What are the options available to women who want to voluntarily terminate their pregnancy...
Period Myths in India - Some Best & Worst Examples

Once a month, women bleed in a natural biological dance that signifies - “hey, no baby for you this time!” Simple? Well. yes. But over the decades, people have been incredibly innovative in interpreting what it could mean instead. 

Parts of the Vagina - Anatomy, Structure, Function
Do you know what your vagina looks like? It’s understandable if you don’t.  It’s hard to crane your neck all the way to check on what’s going on down there. So let’s rephrase. Do you know what any vagina looks like?
Lady Parts & Female Vagina Parts
Vagina, vulva, ‘lady parts’, ‘womanhood’, whatever you like to call it- the female genitalia is indeed a source of wonder. However, our society is still characterized by a certain reluctance to talk about things as intimate, leading to several misconceptions and myths.
How to get smooth armpits naturally - 5 Tips For Beautiful, Healthy & Smooth Underarms
If you were to get three wishes, would one of them be smooth underarms? Imagine the time spent shaving or waxing your underarms and devising ways to make them less sweaty and odour-free.....
Why Stress Sweat Is Different Than Regular Sweat
Sweating has multiple health benefits starting from cooling the body and preventing overheating to keeping your skin healthy. Even though it can be embarrassing at times, our bodies.......
We all have fond memories of our childhood. My best ones though, come with a pinch of salt. Because as I was growing up, I was constantly mocked and teased by my relatives and teachers about how short I was. Every time I topped my class, or when I was chosen...
How to be More Inclusive
Gender inclusivity is not limited to equal pay and equal rights. It includes the way we perceive others on the basis of gender, the ideas we attach to them, and the daily practices we follow. It is each person’s right to live and engage in an environment that is respectful...
Importance of Natural Period Wear
Our lives today revolve around green smoothies, working out in the gym, or counting calories. While this is a great step towards a healthier lifestyle, there are other pertinent issues that we continue to neglect, including natural period wear.
The Spirit of Love
When was the last time that you looked into the mirror and didn’t scowl at your own reflection? At that moustache, that’s visible only to your eyes, or that speckle of red freckles, spread across your nose like a constellation.
Bra – A Woman’s Best Frenemy
It all starts with a Sports Bra. When a girl hits the 12-year mark and her smooth chest decides it’s time to get some attention. And so begins the painful, exciting and somewhat fascinating journey of boobies...