Lady Parts & Female Vagina Parts

Lady Parts & Female Vagina Parts

Decoding the Female Genitalia

Just how often have we seen, heard of, or been little girls in skirts scolded and shushed by our mothers for asking a question too private - the question about our privates!

Vagina, vulva, ‘lady parts’, ‘womanhood’, whatever you like to call it - the female genitalia is indeed a source of wonder. However, our society is still characterized by a certain reluctance to talk about things as intimate, leading to several misconceptions and myths. Let’s paint a picture of the female genitalia together, shall we?



Female Vagina Parts

This is the collective term for the entire external structure - and comprises the clitoris, clitoral hood, labia majora and minora, the urethral and vaginal openings. Vaginas are wonders indeed - pathways for babies, exit-route for menstrual blood, entry-way for tampons when relaxed, and of course, for sexual intercourse. The vagina is a tube between the vulva and the cervix, and serves as the link between the uterus and the external world. The walls of the vagina serve as an administrative medium for medications and contraceptive means. The vagina retains its moisture by releasing fluids, especially during times of sexual arousal. The lining of the vagina is made up of various glands that release fluids designed to cleanse and lubricate the vagina. Some of these fluids may pass to the exterior as clear or milky discharge, and is absolutely normal. The use of soap is advised against - it will interfere with the vagina's natural setting as well as the body's pH balance and cause infections. But, to maintain good intimate hygiene, we recommend using our 100% Natural Intimate Cleanser

While the clitoris has no direct reproductive function, it is the main pleasure centre for women during sex. Ladies, you know you owe your clitoris!

The clitoral hood, as suggested by its name, protects the clitoris from friction and discomfort. The two rounded flaps of skin on the exterior that cover and protect the inner, delicate structures of the vulva including the labia minora, clitoris, and the urinary and vaginal orifices. ‘Labia’ originates from the Latin word for lips, which resonates with the function and appearance of the labia majora.

The labia minora perform the same function as the labia majora, and are paired folds of smooth tissue. Located beneath the labia majora, the color ranges from light pink to brownish black in different people. The urethral opening is the passageway for urine from the urethra, where it’s stored.

The interior of the female genitalia includes the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the uterus, the uterine cervix, and the vagina.

To command our own bodies, we need to thoroughly understand them. Never be shy to have a conversation about your privates - you just might be helping a little girl in a skirt, own her body.

Aparna Thankaraj

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