Parts of the Vagina - Anatomy, Structure, Function

Parts of the Vagina - Anatomy, Structure, Function

Do you know what your vagina looks like? It’s understandable if you don’t.  It’s hard to crane your neck all the way to check on what’s going on down there. So let’s rephrase.

Vagina Anatomy

Do you know what a vagina looks like? Again, we won’t be surprised if the answer is no. Because you are not alone, in fact most women do not know the anatomy of a vagina. So let’s begin there, shall we?


When we think of a vagina, more often than not, we are thinking of the Vulva.  Whatever you see down there, all the external parts including the inner and outer lips are a part of the Vulva.

Labia Majora/ Outer Lips

Starting from the top, the first anatomical part that we notice, are the outer lips or Labia Majora.  Its main function is to safeguard the inner, more sensitive parts of the vagina.

Labia Minora/ Inner Lips

This is the second protective layer for the underlying parts. The oil glands on your inner lips secrete a lubricant that keeps you comfortable. This part of the vagina looks different for every woman. It’s as unique as your fingertips!


The clitoris is the small little nub that you see on top of the external area of the labia, and it is the most sensitive part of your body. It has 8,000 nerve endings and its sole function is to provide pleasure! It is the most sensitive sexual part of women. A hood-like structure, called the clitoral hood, covers the clitoris and prevents it from irritation and unwanted arousal. 


Placed right below the clitoris, Urethra is the small opening from which women urinate. It’s difficult to see it and there is hardly any sensation down there.


Finally we reach the opening of the vagina, the Vestibule. The actual vagina is inside your body while the entrance that you see, is the Vestibule.


This finally brings us to the Vagina. Also known as the birth canal, Vagina is a tube-like muscle that leads to the uterus.


What follows is the Cervix which connects the Uterus with the Vagina forming a passage between the vaginal and the uterine cavity. This is the part that dilates during childbirth, and otherwise opens slightly every month, during your period.


This brings us to the Uterus, your first home! This is where a baby lives and grows inside the mother for nine months. In the absence of pregnancy, the Uterus sheds its lining every month, which is how you get your period.

Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries

Every month, almost 20-30 eggs mature inside your ovaries. And at the end of every month, the ovaries release the ripest eggs into the Fallopian Tubes. This egg then travels to your Uterus where it waits for some handsome sperm to show up.

So this is a vagina. But you must remember, that every woman’s lady parts look different. The appearance also changes depending upon your state of sexual arousal (when the clitoral hood opens up!) We recommend you get a mirror, and see for yourself what yours really looks like. And to keep your pubes or to shave them off is a decision only you can make. But more on that later!

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