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Abortion Law in India - Is Abortion legal in India?
With Alabama passing a bill to outlaw the procedure of abortion, I, like many women in India, wondered what our country’s stand on the issue is. Is abortion legal in India? What are the options available to women who want to voluntarily terminate their pregnancy...
Parts of the Vagina - Anatomy, Structure, Function
Do you know what your vagina looks like? It’s understandable if you don’t.  It’s hard to crane your neck all the way to check on what’s going on down there. So let’s rephrase. Do you know what any vagina looks like?
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) - Causes, Symptoms and Prevention
Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is an infection in any part of the urinary tract, comprising the urethra, urinary bladder or the kidneys. Such an infection is caused when microbes enter the body through the opening of the urethra...
How to Get Rid of Split Ends? Causes, Types of Split Ends
Split ends, also known as "trichoptilosis" or "schizotrichia" in the medical community, are the consequence of fraying or splitting of the hair fibre, most commonly near the strand's end.....
Hormonal Acne - What is it & Some Hormonal Acne Diet
Let’s face it, acne can be a cause of immense pain, causing sleepless nights and unnecessary stress for whose life it afflicts. For no one likes waking up to red boils and God forbid if someone points out how your acne is acting up, especially more so if you are in a group! 
Breastfeeding & Menstruation | What You Need to Know
Pregnancy sure comes with its own set of shenanigans, but the one joy it definitely brings is a break from your period cycle. But did you know that your periods will take a while to return even after childbirth? 
How to lose Pregnancy Weight - Thinks to remember
Motherhood is certainly one of the most cherished occasions of a woman’s life. And while there are several myths around pregnancy, the biggest one is to stuff yourself all the time and “eat for two”! Of course, your baby needs nutrients to grow in a healthy manner...
Benefits of Tracking Menstrual Cycles
While ‘Periods-can’t-be-your-best-friends’ Syndrome is common among us womenfolk, we can make life much simpler by following just one trick. Yes girls, we all know how Aunt Flo unexpectedly comes knocking at the door and leaves you feeling down and out...
Tips for a Healthy Living
Unlike popular perception, healthy living does not mean starving yourself or pumping it out in the gym for hours every day. It is about making little lifestyle changes on a day-to-day basis that benefits your health. You could take stairs instead of the elevator or start...
8 Natural Tips for Winter Skin Care
Winter is here – the time when layering like a Panda and downing huge mugs of hot chocolate is considered legitimate. While you may feel thrilled upon its arrival, your skin dreads this season the most. Why, you ask? Because this harsh weather robs all the moisture...
When does a UTI become severe?
UTIs can be painful and uncomfortable — they can tamper with your daily routines — but sometimes they can have more severe implications than expected. When a UTI — often an untreated one — spreads from the bladder to the kidneys, it can become severe...
How to be More Inclusive
Gender inclusivity is not limited to equal pay and equal rights. It includes the way we perceive others on the basis of gender, the ideas we attach to them, and the daily practices we follow. It is each person’s right to live and engage in an environment that is respectful...
The Fad of Crash Diets
We belong to a generation that believes in everything ‘instant’ – be it their coffee, meals, or even weight loss. While it does take incessant episodes of binge eating or repeated unhealthy habits to pile on all that weight, almost everyone wants to shed this flab instantly... 
Educating Sons About Women's Health
Yes, you read that right. A woman’s health is not only her business but also of everyone else in her life, including the men. You must have read or heard that bit about a happy woman making a happy home. Let us rephrase that – a healthy woman makes a happy home.
Importance of Natural Period Wear
Our lives today revolve around green smoothies, working out in the gym, or counting calories. While this is a great step towards a healthier lifestyle, there are other pertinent issues that we continue to neglect, including natural period wear.
Healthy Foods for Glowing Skin
You could invest in expensive cosmetics or get frequent skin and hair treatments. If your body does not receive adequate nourishment, it’s a lost cause. The solution to your beauty needs is much closer home.
The Period Talk

I have tried to be friends with my Period, but the bloody thing makes it so difficult to have a conversation that’s not laden with heartfelt abuses, that I give up after a few attempts. But I bet if my Period could talk...


The 'To NOT Do' Period List
Periods are not a happy time of the month. It’s stressful, painful, emotionally turbulent, and physically excruciating. Which is why, we have compiled a list of what not to do during your periods to make them sail smoother.
Damn the Biological Clock!
Open the dating app of your preference and you’ll see it chock-full of 30+ year olds, still very single and ready to mingle. With career catch-up and social salsa on the cards, marriage is a distant thought, and having kids even further.
Can you take the heat?
As a child, I loved Summers, almost as much as I hate them as an adult. I loved visiting my grandparents, staying in bed beyond 6am, the annual family vacation, and reading my Nancy Drews while sipping on some ice-cool Mango Frooti.
Q&A on Cervical Cancer
The number of women suffering from Cervical Cancer has seen a steady rise in the past few years. Keeping in mind the seriousness of this issue, we spoke directly to a gynecologist to get a better understanding of this disease.