Tips for a Healthy Living

Tips for a Healthy Living

Unlike popular perception, healthy living does not mean starving yourself or pumping it out in the gym for hours every day. It is about making little lifestyle changes on a day-to-day basis that benefits your health. You could take stairs instead of the elevator or start drinking adequate amount of water, it’s as simple as that! Keep in mind that being healthy is a long-term commitment and not a walk in the park. Every single step that you take today makes you healthier than yesterday. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start moving in that direction!

5 Tips for Healthy Living

Move your body

Yes, move it left, right, and center, and get going on your feet! Don’t exercise once in a while but make it a daily habit. Believe us, it’s going to really benefit you in the long run. At the same time, make a conscious effort to be more active instead of sitting on the sofa all day or working away on your computer. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work or walk to someone’s desk instead of sending an e-mail. You can also park your car a little away and then walk to your destination. These are very simple steps that you can incorporate as part of your daily routine; you won’t even realise when they become your habits!

Take a stand

Of course, time to take a stand for your health; you know it’s important! Studies suggest that we are at a higher risk of contracting lifestyle diseases if we lead a sedentary lifestyle. We don’t realise how we spend most of our lives sitting, either on our desks or in front of the TV or when we speak over the phone. Why don’t we continue doing our work while standing? Not for long but in intervals. In fact, if you are overweight, even the slightest change in your routine can help alleviate conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.

Eat a healthy diet

We’ve heard time and again – you are what you eat! This is not a myth, there’s so much truth to it. The only thing to keep in mind is not conforming to fad diets or going in starvation mode. Make sure you don’t consume too much sugar or fat, reduce your portion size, and pack in nutrients through fresh vegetables and fruits. Cutting down on sugar is almost essential, since it is present in everything – from cereals to canned juices. According to a study, an average person consumes about 22 teaspoons of added sugar every single day, which is much higher than the specified daily target for both men and women. Make a small change every day – start off with cutting out sugary drinks. This will help you lose or maintain healthy weight, and at the same time, reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases!

Get more snooze time

A good night’s sleep is extremely crucial for your health, in fact, it’s as important as eating healthy and exercising. It benefits your physical and mental health, and regulates important functions in your body. Proper sleep can boost your immunity, and even improve heart health by reducing stress. It is also responsible for the regulation of blood sugar levels. That’s not all, if you’ve slept well, you won’t be in a cranky mood and irritable all day. It also helps your skin glow and look healthy! Enough reasons for you to hit the sack on time every night!

Go natural

Processed and packaged foods are a strict no-no if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Satiate your midday snack cravings with some cashews, walnuts, or go for the fruit of your choice. While eating healthy and exercising is important, it is also essential to pay attention to your beauty and menstrual products. The sanitary products available at supermarkets have a ton of plastic and other chemicals that are harmful for you, and could cause potential health risks in the long run. A natural sanitary napkin, on the other hand, is made from natural materials that are safe for the body. It’s time to go natural and switch to natural options that are made from non-hazardous materials. 


There is nothing more significant than health; no wonder ‘Health is Wealth’ is such a popular phrase. Your body needs nourishment and care to survive the wear and tear it goes through. Nurture it by taking a step towards a healthy lifestyle and it will give back in ways you can’t even imagine!


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