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Different Types of Contraception
Indians love big families. Households with everyone living under one roof in blissful harmony have adorned our TV screens for decades. But no matter how rosy the picture, we can't overlook the fact that we have a population crisis.
Abortion Law in India - Is Abortion legal in India?
With Alabama passing a bill to outlaw the procedure of abortion, I, like many women in India, wondered what our country’s stand on the issue is. Is abortion legal in India? What are the options available to women who want to voluntarily terminate their pregnancy...
Period Hygiene Tips | How to Maintain Hygiene During Periods
Every woman has her own personal strategy of maintaining a healthy menstrual hygiene. But it’s imperative to know the do’s from the don’ts... poor menstrual hygiene is not just restricted to those who do not have access to proper menstrual-care.
Nutrition & Body Positivity
 Our culture is seemingly obsessed with washboard abs and skinny waists that seem too good to be true. These perceived ideals of beauty have taken over our lives, so much so that nutrition and being fit have almost always been ignored.
Seed Cycling - What is it, Working & Benefits
As the name suggests, Seed Cycling is all about consuming a variety of seeds at different times of the month to balance certain hormones in your body. A naturopathic remedy, Seed Cycling helps in regulating estrogen in the first half of your menstrual cycle, and...
Do Trans Woman Have Periods?
Gender doesn’t have to be black or white. The idea that gender has to be binary i.e. either male or female is a social construct, just like the idea that periods are experienced merely by women and are a symbol of ‘womanhood’ is.
Tips for a Healthy Living
Unlike popular perception, healthy living does not mean starving yourself or pumping it out in the gym for hours every day. It is about making little lifestyle changes on a day-to-day basis that benefits your health. You could take stairs instead of the elevator or start...
Quarantine & Mental Wellbeing
With words like ‘social distancing’, ‘flatten the curve’, ‘isolation’ and so on filling our screens and vocabularies, the COVID-19 situation has definitely put the world in an unusual spot. The idea of nearly all of humanity contained in self-imposed house arrests...
We all have fond memories of our childhood. My best ones though, come with a pinch of salt. Because as I was growing up, I was constantly mocked and teased by my relatives and teachers about how short I was. Every time I topped my class, or when I was chosen...
Importance of Natural Period Wear
Our lives today revolve around green smoothies, working out in the gym, or counting calories. While this is a great step towards a healthier lifestyle, there are other pertinent issues that we continue to neglect, including natural period wear.
Impact of Breast Cancer on Mental Health
In 1982, Parvaty Ramanathan at 38 was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was in an advanced stage and options for treatment of breast cancer were very limited. She underwent mastectomy. Parvaty survived.
Can you take the heat?
As a child, I loved Summers, almost as much as I hate them as an adult. I loved visiting my grandparents, staying in bed beyond 6am, the annual family vacation, and reading my Nancy Drews while sipping on some ice-cool Mango Frooti.