How to get smooth armpits naturally - 5 Tips For Beautiful, Healthy & Smooth Underarms

How to get smooth armpits naturally - 5 Tips For Beautiful, Healthy & Smooth Underarms

If you were to get three wishes, would one of them be smooth underarms? Imagine the time spent shaving or waxing your underarms and devising ways to make them less sweaty and odour-free. But then you raise your arms and instead of admiring the great job you’ve done, you’re greeted with a bumpy texture.

In fact, these bumps can often become red, painful and itchy and can be especially frustrating when you had plans of wearing sleeveless stuff. And, if shaving is your choice of hair removal technique, you may often find yourself with dark stubble making it hard for your underarms to feel smooth. 

But first, let’s look into why your underarms can’t remain silky smooth in the first place!

Why do your underarms feel bumpy?

Sensitive skin is one of the primary causes of rough underarms. After shaving or using any skincare products, the follicles might get inflamed, therefore some individuals need to be very cautious about the razors and shaving gel they buy. Along the same lines, you might be allergic to the shaving creams or deodorants you use, resulting in rashes and redness.

So, can you do something about it? Read on so you don’t have to worry about itchy, red bumps the next time you choose to flaunt your armpits. 

5 tips for smooth underarms

If smooth underarms happen to be your goal, check out these effective tips:

  • Change your shaving routine - It’s important to use a sharp razor while shaving your underarms, but make sure it’s not so sharp that you are left with cuts. Replace your razor head at least once a week, or after seven shaves. If you have coarse hair, you may need to replace the blade every five to seven shaves. Look for razors featuring a moisture strip like the Carmesi Body Razor, for an even smoother shave. The main thing is not to shave dry, and it doesn’t matter whether you use shave gel or shave cream. Even if your razor features a moisture strip, it won't guarantee a smooth shave on its own. Underarm hair develops in several directions, unlike leg hair, so shave up, down, and sideways after pulling the skin taut to achieve the smoothest surface possible. Many people shave first thing in the morning, but shaving at night is a better option. It allows that sensitive skin to heal and recover from any razor burn.
  • Exfoliate - Exfoliating your face every few days to remove dead skin and reveal the fresh, young skin cells beneath is probably second nature to you. Your armpits, on the other hand, require the same level of care. You may get rid of any additional dead skin cells, excess oil, and other filth that might clog your pores and create ingrown hair and other lumps by applying an exfoliator once or twice a week. You may create your own exfoliant at home using coffee or crushed sugar and coconut oil if you don't have one.
  • Keep them moisturized - Your underarms, like the rest of your skin, need to be moisturised. Skin moisturising helps to reduce scaliness and make the skin smooth and supple. Because your armpits require hydration as well, moisturising may be quite useful. Regular moisturising might help you get rid of dry skin and those pesky ingrown hair. Moisturizing those freshly shaven underarms is essential since thick coarse hair is more prone to cause painful ingrown hair.
  • Try an underarm mask - Masking has several advantages, including the ability to purify your underarms and function as a natural deodorant. Not only that, but masking your armpit may lighten it and make it seem more elastic, pliable, and soft. Masks for your underarms keep bacteria at bay, clear rashes, and reduce sweating. You may either extend your face mask to your armpits or use any DIY underarm masking method.
  • Switch to natural deodorants - Synthetic deodorants contain aluminium, which can severely clog your pores. Clogged pores can gather buildup in them, which can leave you with bumpy underarms. Switch to natural deodorants like the Carmesi Natural Deodorant Roll-on for smooth, odour-free underarms that remain fresh and silky all day.

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