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Types of Female Orgasm | Different Stages of Orgasms

What we know about the female orgasm is very limited, as compared to what we may have seen on screen which usually depicts it as an earth shattering, toe-curling experience. But the reality is far from that. Women were, for the longest time, forbidden to talk about the issues revolving around their sexuality and thus, matters concerning female pleasure have either not been discussed enough or are yet to be fully discovered. 

A little awareness, some foreplay and good communication with your partner is the key to reaching your peak. Not only can a woman orgasm, but she can orgasm multiple times with each orgasm emitting from a different erogenous zone, from the fireworks on display kind to the ones that can absolutely blow your mind, here’s a list of the types of orgasms a woman can have. 

Learning More About Orgasms

Before we jump into an explanation on the different kinds of orgasms, one needs to understand the meaning of sexual pleasure and how one can identify an orgasm. But a more important question that has probed the minds of the unmindful is: what is an orgasm? Well, an orgasm regardless of the gender or the genitals of the person experiencing it, is the climax of sexual excitement characterized by intense pleasurable feelings. 

Orgasms in women are a little harder to come by, as compared to men, owing to the vast surface area of the erectile tissue present in the women’s vagina, but they do exist and there are multiple stages a woman’s body experiences while achieving one. 


Stages Of Orgasms In A Female: 

Every time a woman orgasms, it is followed by involuntary responses and general signs like increased heartbeat, twitching of thigh muscles, pelvic thrusting, vaginal contractions and the curling of the toes. Moreover, every orgasm happens in the following phases that indicate woman climax signs

  • Excitement: This is when your arousal starts building and you start to feel little pangs of lust, otherwise known as getting butterflies in your stomach. The heartbeat begins to increase with an added rise in muscle tension, blood flow to the genitals and the skin becoming flushed.

  • Plateau: In this phase, the sensations from phase I get amplified. This is where the clitoris becomes highly sensitive and the blood flow is increased to the vaginal walls, making them turn into a shade of purple. Muscle tension increases, causing muscle spasms in the hands and legs. 

  • Orgasm: It is the shortest phase in the orgasm cycle and generally lasts only for a few seconds. The blood pressure, heartbeat and breathing are at the highest rate at this stage, with a rapid intake of oxygen. Muscles in the feet have spasms with a sudden forceful release of sexual tension and the vagina may go through rhythmic contractions of its muscles. 

  • Resolution: In this phase, the body starts returning to its standard functioning. All the processes that were heightened in the beginning of the sexual arousal phase now start subsiding towards normalcy. The phase is marked by a general sense of wellbeing, enhanced intimacy and fatigue. It is during this phase when women can go through multiple orgasms if continuous stimulation is provided. 

Types of Female Orgasms

Based on the different erogenous or sexually sensitive points on our body, these are the following types of orgasms: 


  • It can be stimulated by gently rubbing the nub with fingers, tongue or palm and it becomes so sensitive that it is almost painful to touch once you have reached your high. 
  • One can also access the internal portion of the clit by inserting a finger or a sex toy and pressing it up on the roof of the vagina. That’s the apex of the clitoris and most people find the area quite pleasurable. 
  • Try two finger tips inside the vaginal canal on the front wall where you can feel a rigged area of tissue. Then make a “come hither” motion with your fingers towards the belly button. Applying strong continuous pressure to this spot can lead to an orgasm and in some cases, even ejaculation. 
  • Using sex toys and different positions in sex can also help in stimulating this area and building an orgasmic response. 
  • Stimulating the clit and the g-spot at the same time can work the best, since there is a neural super highway in the pelvic area that connects all the nerves from the genital region, making the pleasure more consuming than ever before.
  • Working others may take some experimentation to figure out where you are the most sensitive, but biting the earlobes, kissing the sweet spot on the neck or even tweaking the nipples alongside a clitoral stimulation will definitely make you see the stars. 
  • Due to these nerve endings, rubbing the area or even prying it open gently by  inserting a finger can lead to the same kind of pleasure as stimulating the clit.
  • Start by easing into the idea of something entering your anal canal. Then use lots of lubricating agents and introduce a finger into it and work around to find the most pleasurable spot. 
  • To stimulate the same nerve area as the one in the vagina, push your finger or any other object the same way in the anal canal as you would do in the vagina. 
  • It may be a pretty adventurous and challenging area to incite sexual pleasure, so one can also try using sexual toys like a vibrator. 


What we know about orgasms is very limited since it is generally pertained to different body types. They can be small and single or extensive and multiple. But one thing is for sure, don’t restrict your right to know about your own body and discover the various ways in which you can achieve pleasure. Just know that your bodies are unique and so are the orgasms! 

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