10 Intimacy Products Your Bedroom Needs Today!

10 Intimacy Products Your Bedroom Needs Today!

Intimacy products have been around in the market for quite some time now and more people are interested in them than you may think. What makes these toys so interesting is that they not only help you have a better time alone but also enhance your bedroom time as a couple.

Do you really need intimacy products for the bedroom?

Technically speaking, you don’t NEED anything to get you going. Sex is a biological craving and you can always satisfy your sexual needs either with or without a partner (masturbation, anyone?). But, sometimes vanilla sex or self-play gets monotonous as human beings tend to get bored of things really quickly.

You may have heard, or experienced yourself, how things don’t remain the same level of spicy in the bedroom department when some time has passed in a relationship or marriage. In those cases, sex toys or intimacy products really help bring the heat back into the game.

Even when you are currently not sexually active, using intimacy products by yourself can help you reach better climaxes and thus have a more satisfied libido. So, do you need these products to engage in sexual acts? No. But, do you need them to spice things up? Definitely!

These are the intimacy products you NEED to invest in today

You don’t have to buy everything under the sun in order to spice things up. In fact, different people have different requirements to be met. But, here is a curated list of everything that you can consider while making a purchase decision as to which products you are going to be interested in.

  1. Start with good ol’ lube

No matter what other toys you are investing in, lube is a great way to start things off. In fact, if it is your first time investing in products, you may be nervous and this can interfere with your natural lubrication. Having a water-based lubricant can help you relax and achieve more pleasure than pain in the process. Try to avoid oil-based lubes as they can interfere with condoms by reacting with latex.

  1. Then move on to a massage oil

If you’re into sensual massages, this is a great product to invest in. This is only usable if you have a partner to rub the oil on you, though. Invest in a good quality massage oil that has a nice aroma to get you in the mood. In fact, there are a number of essential oils that can actually enhance your mood and you can look for an oil that has any of them incorporated. A sensual massage can not only ensure you have ample foreplay, but also enhance the entire sexual experience.

  1. Try handcuffs for light bondage

If you have a kink for light bondage, or you’re just plain curious, a handcuff can open a lot of avenues for some seriously fun time. But, if you are new to it, make sure you discuss it with your partner beforehand and decide what get’s too much. But, if you are into it, there is something seriously hot about enjoying your partner working on you without having the power to interrupt them. Our only advice? Don’t lose the keys.

  1. Throw in some blindfolds too

If you’re going to be heading down the road of light bondage, you may as well enjoy most of the pleasure, if you’re not into the pain. Having your eyes closed off can heighten your other senses, maximizing pleasure. Also, there is an element of surprise about what’s next to come when you have yourself blindfolded. It will work the other way round as well. You can blindfold your partner and tease them for fun. If you throw in the handcuffs with this, well, you might be on the road to audition for a “50 Shades of Grey” film soon!

  1. Ooh and these card games

Did you know that there are sensual card games in the market that are more fun than “truth or dare”? Because here, it’s only “dare”. And these dares are of the sexual kind! Just shuffle the deck and pick a card, and whatever’s written on the card has to be performed by the couple. There are quite a few variations available in the market and you can start hunting for the one that works best for you.

  1. Vibrating dildo all the way

If you are looking for a toy that’s very versatile, which can be used both solo and coupled, then you’ve found the one. Dildos are great on their own, but vibrating dildos? We take it back when we said you don’t need sex toys. Because you definitely NEED this one. There are many types, shapes and sizes available in the market and you can do your research to pick out the one that works best for you. The only side effect to these? You may not need your partner anymore!

  1. Only say yes if it’s a clitoris ring

We said it. This is the only ring you need to say yes to! There are so many varieties available and each comes with different intensities of vibrations. You can use them solo for great orgasms, or strap them on during sex for intensified climaxes. They are one of the best sex toys out there in the market and we mean it when we say that this will seriously spice things up for you ladies.

  1. There’s no better way to say butt plugs

If you’re into anal play or are thinking of trying it out, butt plugs can be a great addition to your sessions. They are easier to insert than a penis, and so can be a great way to get introduced to anal sex if you’re scared of putting anything inside your anus. Just remember to use LOTS of lube as the anal region does not secrete any lubricant naturally and you may hurt yourself.

  1. There’s something called an orgasm balm

There are some companies out there that manufacture edible and flavored orgasm balms. They work by increasing the sensation to the area they are applied to. And, because they are edible, you can safely ingest them while engaging your mouth to the area. Apply them on your nipples, clitoris, vagina or anus for a better orgasm and more intense pleasure.

  1. Reverse roles with a strap-on if you’re into it

This one is great for lesbian couples or male-female couples that are into penetrative sex or role-reversal sex. They are even great for intersex or trans couples who are into penetration but may lack the means. There are various strap-ons available in different sizes that you can look into. Talk to your partner first about incorporating them into your bedroom and research together on what works best for you.

Bottom line (pun intended)

Whether you have adventure on your mind or are just looking for something to make things more interesting, incorporating sex toys and intimacy products into your routine can not only help spice things up but also help you explore your body’s needs more and achieve a heightened sense of pleasure. Just communicate with your partner or research for solo-play and find out what works best for you.

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