How to Get Thicker Hair: Natural ways for Thicker and Healthier Hair

How to Get Thicker Hair: Natural ways for Thicker and Healthier Hair

Many individuals don't know how to obtain thicker hair, which is considered a visual indicator of excellent health. And, most of us are eager to do everything to attain rich hair, from plastering on every mask known to humanity to taking vitamins and even trying out unusual products.

The good news is that most of the time, making your hair seem and feel thicker than it is may simply involve a few dietary modifications or easy methods, though some methods may include a visit to a doctor’s office. Consider the 11 hair thickening tips below to learn how to make hair thicker and fuller.

11 tips on how to get thicker hair

Keep reading to discover the 11 things you can do to get thicker, healthier-looking hair:

  • Fix your diet - Hair development is stimulated by a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet. Because hair strands are formed of a protein called keratin, getting adequate protein in your diet is vital for maintaining healthy hair, while nutrient-rich meals can also help you thicken your hair. For fuller, healthier hair, include eggs, avocados, berries, salmon, beans, spinach, nuts, and seeds in your diet.
  • Take supplements - If you want your hair to grow thicker, make sure you're receiving enough vitamins and biotin. Biotin is a very important nutrient for hair growth, which can be found in the Carmesi 100% Plant Based Biotin. It promotes improved hair growth, better hair elasticity, controls excess hair fall and dandruff. There are a number of supplements on the market that are expressly designed to promote hair and nail development. While vitamin supplements are not a replacement for a well-balanced diet, they can make a difference when it comes to hair growth. To prevent hair loss, incorporate zinc and iron into your diet.
  • Choose your shampoo and conditioner properly - Different hair types necessitate products that are tailored to their individual requirements. Fine haired people should opt for volumizing shampoos and conditioners to give lustre and thickness to their hair. Anti-frizz and hydrating shampoos and conditioners are the best for coarse hair. Vitamins E and B5, zinc, iron, and copper are all good for increasing keratin synthesis, which is the building block of hair. Furthermore, peptides promote hair development, while salicylic acid sloughs the scalp to prevent debris from clogging follicles.
  • Get your hormone levels checked - Due to stress, sickness, menopause, pregnancy, or delivery, many people develop hormone imbalance starting around adolescence. Thyroid hormones may be to blame for thinning hair and hair loss. Furthermore, androgenetic alopecia develops in an overabundance of androgens, which leads to male pattern baldness and hair loss. Those who wish to know how to obtain thicker hair should get their hormone levels examined so that they can take the proper steps.
  • Use good hair oils - The key to radiance and volume is hydration. To give your hair a healthy dose of freshness and volume, search for hair oils that contain important nutrients like vitamin E, shea butter, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Get a scalp massage - Massage improves blood circulation in the hair shaft, allowing nutrients and natural oils to reach the hair follicles more easily. Massage your scalp while shampooing your hair in the shower or while sitting in your chair. Knead the skin of your head with your fingertips. Begin from the hairline's borders and work your way to the crown carefully and softly.
  • Use less heat on your hair - Hair damage can be reduced by limiting the use of hot tools. Even if you use heat, make sure the product is evenly distributed by combing through the hair afterwards. It's also worth noting that setting your blow dryer or straightener's temperature to the highest setting isn't the greatest way to get the appearance you desire because it might actually burn your hair. Reduce your settings and glide swiftly over your hair to save your strands, regardless of hair texture.
  • Start using the right brush - When hair is damp, avoid using overly hard metal brushes or ripping it through, since this is when it is most vulnerable to rips. When performing a blowout, ceramic brushes assist generate shine. You may also use a boar-bristle brush to polish your hair and give it a natural glow by spreading the natural oils from your scalp into your hair. Avoid using a plastic brush since it will damage your hair and cause it to get staticky.
  • Try volumizing techniques - Start by applying a heat protectant on your hair to prevent damage and curling it with a curling iron for a fuller look. The waves will give volume and structure to your hair, instantly making it seem fuller. You may also curl your hair while it's still damp to prevent it from heat damage. Another method is to separate your hair in a different way than usual. Consider flipping your hair to the opposite side if you part it in the centre or on one side for an instant lift. You may also use fast hair thickeners to give your hair more dimension and make it appear fuller than it is. Hair thickening products, such as dry shampoo and volumizing sprays, mousses, shampoos, and conditioners, can add volume to your hair without causing harm. While these products provide immediate effects, the benefits are just short.
  • Use hair extensions - Hair extensions are commonly used to make hair appear longer, but they may also be used to make it appear thicker. Synthetic clip-in extensions are simple to apply and style like your own hair, and some even come pre-styled so you may wear them right away. Clip-in extensions are a type of hair extension that attaches to your natural hair and may be removed fast.
  • Consider a hair transplant - A hair transplant may be the greatest treatment choice for those who wish to know how to make their hair thicker permanently and have severely thin hair. A hair transplant is a surgical operation that is commonly done in the office of a doctor.

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