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How to remove Menstrual Cup | Easy Steps

A menstrual cup is a reusable period product that is made of silicone or rubber. It is an economical period choice, but with all the pros that come with it, it can be tricky to learn at first. 

Also, remember that it is important to remove the cup every 12 hours at most to avoid health conditions like Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

How to remove menstrual cup ?

Removing a menstrual cup is not as daunting as it may appear at first if you follow basic steps.

  • Find a comfortable position: The best position to facilitate removal is the squat. But, some people find it comfortable to sit on the commode or raise one leg up on a surface. Find the position that suits you best and get ready for removal.

  • Relax and calm yourself: The second step to properly removing the cup is to relax and calm your nerves. If you are feeling stressed, your vaginal muscles automatically contract, giving rise to difficulty in the removal process. Breathe in deep to relax and calm your nerves.

  • Gently release the suction: After washing your hands with soap and (preferably warm) water, insert two or three fingers (as needed) inside your vaginal canal. If you have the stem intact in the cup, then pull the cup towards you by tugging at it. If you’ve cut off the stem, find the base of the cup and pinch directly.

    This removes the vacuum created by the cup inside your vagina with the help of the air holes present on it. Without pinching and breaking the seal, the removal process becomes painful.

  • Pull the cup towards you: After breaking the vacuum seal, pull the cup towards you while holding the base. For better results, hold the cup at a sideways angle. This allows more air to enter the vaginal canal and facilitate easy removal.


What if the menstrual cup gets stuck inside?

Sometimes, the menstrual cup can get stuck inside the vagina, which can make the removal difficult. Or, if you have a longer vaginal canal, it can move up quite a bit and make it seem like it’s lost inside of you. Using a soft cup like the Carmesi Menstrual Cup will make it less likely for the cup to get stuck inside. What should you do if it gets stuck inside?

  • Relax - Keep your muscles as relaxed as possible to avoid any unnecessary tightening of the vaginal muscles. If you’ve just woken up, wait at least thirty minutes before attempting to remove the cup to make it come further down the canal towards you due to gravity.
  • Lie down and remove - Sometimes, if squatting does not help, lie down on your back and keep a towel underneath you to avoid leaks onto the bedsheet. Push to make the cup come nearer and then try to remove it.
  • Press around the edge of the cup - If you can find the cup inside you but can’t pull it out, try inserting one finger inside your vagina and pressing the edge of the cup and wiggling it to break the seal. You can then pinch around the base and pull it out.

What should you do after removing the cup?

This depends on when in your cycle you are removing the menstrual cup. The steps are different for mid-cycle removal than when you are doing it at the end of your period.


  • Empty the cup’s contents into the commode or sink.
  • Wash the cup in lukewarm water with a cup cleaning solution or any mild soap like an intimate wash.
  • Blow the air holes around the body of the cup to clear out any debris stuck in them. Blocked air holes hinder the vacuum from forming.
  • Put the cup back in after you’re done with the cleaning process.

    End of your cycle
  • Repeat the steps to empty the cup’s contents and wash it with a mild soap.
  • Sterilize the cup before storing it away.
  • Put the cup away in its original covering or container, or you can buy separate storage for your menstrual cup. Keep it somewhere cool, dark and hygienic until your next use.

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