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Can Teens Use a Menstrual Cup? | Best Menstrual Cup for Teenagers

Puberty in women, usually starts around the time a girl hits 8 years of age, when she starts developing breasts. And just as she reaches this milestone, it’s not long before she experiences her first menstrual cycle. And throughout the course of this transition into womanhood, the one thing that a girl struggles with the most, is perhaps finding the right menstrual products that don’t cause rashes, redness, inflammation or itchiness.

In the last couple of years, when women opened up about the comfort and ease of using menstrual cups, teens were quick to jump the bandwagon. This, of course, raised concerns among parents regarding the appropriateness of the cups and their probable side effects on teens. 

What is Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is a small, flexible, silicone, bell-shaped cup, designed, folded and inserted into a woman’s vagina during menstruation. They are better to use, as they can hold more blood, as compared to any other method of period control. Also, since they don’t absorb blood, like other period products such as a tampon, or a pad, the risk of infections is significantly lower upon use. They also eliminate the itchiness and leakage caused while using pads and a single menstrual cup can be used for 10-15 years. Given these factors, the menstrual cup has revolutionized periods, both from an anatomical perspective and from an environmental one too. 

The one question that seems to be on everyone’s mind when it comes to the use of menstrual cups is the matter of insertion. Most parents are also concerned because they don't know the menstrual cup. And that is precisely why they are concerned about the question: Can teens use a menstrual cup? 

  • Experts suggest that there is no correct age to start using a menstrual cup. It all depends on the body type and how comfortable one is with the idea of using a cup.
  • Since teens are still new to the concept of periods, some may be okay with using internal products, while some may just prefer conventional methods of period management - pads.
  • Even for adults, using a menstrual cup is a learning curve and it’s alright to take one day at a time. That's why it is best to know what users have to say about the menstrual cup for learnings.

Also, we have collated a list of a few common questions about whether it’s safe for teens to use a menstrual cup. 


What is the Size of Menstrual Cup for Teenagers?

  • A fear of using menstrual cups in teens is that a young girl’s vagina is too small for a menstrual cup. But, at this time, we would like to allay your fears and state that a menstrual cup will not stretch the vagina or make it any wider.
  • The upside of using a medical-grade silicone cup is that they adjust their size according to the size of the vagina.
  • However, in case you are still worried about the ramifications of having your teen use a menstrual cup, remember that they come in different sizes and a small size can be used by teens, since it allows easy insertion. 

Does it break the hymen

Hymen is a loose, distensible piece of flesh present at the entrance of the vagina, that wears off over time, perhaps long before someone’s first sexual experience. However, in many parts of the world, an intact hymen is supposed to be the sign of virginity in a woman and hence, many people are still cautious while using any menstrual products that require insertion. However, hymen can be broken with the simplest of tasks like dancing, splits, horse riding, and medical professionals even state that some women are born without it. So, perhaps using a menstrual cup may cause your hymen to stretch, but it will not affect your ‘virginity’. 

What advice do parents need before getting their teens started on a menstrual cup? 

  • The most important thing to understand is how comfortable your teen is with the whole idea of using this menstrual product.
  • Teens will require access to information and a guide that shows step-by-step procedure on how to use the cup. Perhaps, they might not be successful on their first try, but don’t discourage them and let them try the cup at their own speed and according to their comfort level. 
  • Find whether the cup is appropriate for their needs, with regard to the question of blood flow and the ease with which they can insert it. After repetitive use, try to find out if your girl is okay with the cup. If she experiences itchiness or irritation with the menstrual cups use or isn’t comfortable with it, ask her to stop. 

Menstrual cups are cutting edge products with respect to menstrual products in the 21st century. They are eco-friendly, sustainable and most importantly, are extremely comfortable to use. So, if your teen wants to use these products, there is absolutely no harm in letting them try one. Who knows! Maybe you would have made their transition into womanhood much easier with a menstrual cup. 

Best Menstrual Cup for Teenagers

Carmesi Menstrual Cups are made with 100% biocompatible medical-grade silicone and are so soft, you will hardly notice your period. They are user-friendly, designed for easy insertion and removal, with no toxic chemicals, dyes or perfumes and do not cause any irritation. This makes them 100% gynecologically approved. So, go buy them now for your teen! 

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