Is Your Tampon Hitting A Wall? Here’s What You Can Do To Prevent It!

Is Your Tampon Hitting A Wall? Here’s What You Can Do To Prevent It!

Many of us remember the unpleasant feeling of trying to insert a tampon up our vaginas for the very first time. And the fact that it has taken a lot of trial and error, various sitting positions, and knowing just the right amount of lubrication to insert one in without any hassle. So when a tampon suddenly refuses to go in and you start “hitting a wall”, what undeniably ensues is tremendous anxiety, frustration, and a little bit of pain. But don’t worry, because there are certainly a few reasons why this could be happening and what you can do about it. 

Look At A Diagram While You Insert Your Tampon

Do you think you know your vagina? Think again. Most of the time, the issue with tampon insertion is that you may be pushing it at the wrong angle. The solution to this is simply holding a diagram of your vagina to understand or picture where your tampon is going. You can also map out your lady bits with the help of a diagram and go around feeling them with clean fingers to get the lay of the land. This helps if you are worried about your tampon getting stuck or inserting it correctly. 

Use An Applicator 

Let's make your job easier to help push your tampon in. Use an applicator tampon that primarily functions to provide more of a smooth surface to help the tampon slip in. It works way better than normal tampons because it does not require quite so much bending to reach your fingers inside your vagina, thereby doing most of the hard work of tampon insertion for you. It is also way less messy and ensures that your tampon is pushed safely and securely. 

Try A Lubricant 

If you ever feel like you need a little more help because your tampon just won’t budge past a certain point, we suggest you try a lubricant. This will add some moisture to your intimate tissues eliminating any chances of harsh friction and giving you that easy glide. Try a very small amount of a water-soluble lubricant either on the entrance of your vagina or on the tip of your applicator for a smooth slide of your tampon. But remember, too much lubrication can interfere with the absorbency of the tampon, and using petroleum jelly or lotions and creams is not advisable for vaginal use. 

Is It Just Tension, Or Is It Vaginismus? 

One of the main reasons why your tampon can feel some obstruction is because your vaginal muscles tend to tense up and stop anything from passing through. While most of the time, that feeling of “hitting a wall” can be helped via pelvic relaxation exercises, sometimes the underlying issue can be a tad bit more serious. So after repeated R&D’s if your tampon just won’t go in, maybe you have a condition called vaginismus. 

Vaginismus occurs when the muscles of a woman’s vagina spasm or tighten up when you are trying to insert something in there (like a tampon or a penis). It is believed to be a kind of female sexual dysfunction and many believe it is the body’s reaction to fear of penetration. However, it can also be triggered due to past sexual trauma, painful sexual intercourse, childbirth, infections of the urinary tract, or a yeast infection. But worry not, because this too has a solution. 

While vaginismus can put a pitstop on a lot of your activities like sex or inserting a tampon, the good thing is that this condition doesn’t last long. Sometimes, it may take a little while to get adjusted to the whole procedure but using smaller size tampons at the beginning that comes with an applicator might be a great start. We would also recommend you go see a gynecologist if your spasms are too painful. 

How To Relax While Inserting A Tampon?

If you are finding it hard to insert a tampon even when you don’t have vaginismus, here are a few things you can try out. 

  • Lie down on your bed:Then prop some pillows behind your head to give yourself a semi-reclined position. This way you don’t feel any strain on your abdominal muscles and you can be more relaxed while inserting the tampon. 
  • Take a relaxing bath: A hot water shower or a warm bath can often help you relax your muscles, provide a little lubrication to your vagina and help you insert your tampon in a much zenned out state. 
  • Try breathing exercises: Sometimes, when you are simply too frustrated, your muscles feel the tension too. So try meditating or holding your breath for a couple of seconds to ease out the tension and relax all your muscles. 
  • Find “your” comfortable position: What works for one person may not work for everyone else. So try finding a position that works the best for you like being on your knees or holding one leg up. Just ensure that this position provides the smoothest glide of your tampon inside your vagina. 


There can, of course, be instances where your period care products might frustrate you a little bit and thus knowing the right way to insert them can come quite handy. Additionally, if your period pain gets severe or if you have even an iota of doubt regarding why your tampon won’t go in, it’s best to consult a gynecologist and get a regular checkup done. 

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