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Flowing Thoughts

Do teens need a period kit?
Do Teens Need a Period Kit?

What do you remember about your first period? The nerves, the panic or that constant feeling of unease as you felt blood dripping from beneath? The first time...

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stuck menstrual cup
Stuck Menstrual Cup

It’s not easy to use a menstrual cup and one may take time to adjust to its use. Of course, they are environmentally very effective, but using a menstrual cup involves a learning curve...

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Guide to Amenorrhea
Guide To Understanding Amenorrhea

Despite the disruption in your everyday lifestyle that a regular menstrual cycle causes, it’s a sign that all is well with your body...

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COVID-19 Grief
How to Manage COVID-19 Grief?

When the start of 2020 threw us into a state of despair and the country into a lockdown, no one expected that the world would change forever. With more than 39.5 lakh deaths across the world...

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guide to understanding irregular periods
Guide To Understanding Irregular Periods

Irregular periods is a condition that results when the length between two menstrual cycles is more than 35 days or if the duration of the period varies too often. This phenomenon is also called...

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types of female orgasm
Types of Female Orgasm

What we know about the female orgasm is very limited, as compared to what we may have seen on screen which usually depicts it as an earth shattering, toe-curling experience. But the reality is far from that. Women were, for the longest time...

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top 5 ways to fold a cup
How to Fold a Menstrual Cup in 5 Different Ways

A menstrual cup is a period care alternative product, as compared to other traditional products like tampons and sanitary napkins. It is designed like a bell-shaped cup and collects period blood...

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Stop the 'Man' from Mansplaining

Mansplaining is very much in use these days and is a self-explanatory concept, which simply means that moment when a man tries to explain something to a woman...

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what is toxic shock syndrome( TSS)?
Everything One Needs to Know About Toxic Shock Syndrome

Over the years, a lot of ground has been covered in terms of the options available to menstruating women regarding period products and we have now moved to more advanced...

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Waves of Feminism

In the present day and age, no one ignores feminism, which means different things to different people. And it’s ironic how in the real world out there, feminists are still divided in terms of how they are taking the movement forward...

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hookup culture
Hookup Culture- What's that?

When Alia Bhatt danced to the song, “hook up tu kar le na”, many of us suffered from a mild cultural shock, considering that hook up was a word, that was, until now, only a discussion in dating app chat rooms and was suddenly being thrown around...

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period pain - CARMESI
Period Pain: Is it Real?

Last year, Zomato, a food delivery service in India, sparked conversation when it allowed paid menstrual leave to all its female and transgender employees. According to this rule, Zomato provided a 10-day period leave per year and this was done to break the stigma...

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