Benefits of Tracking Menstrual Cycles

Benefits of Tracking Menstrual Cycles

While ‘Periods-can’t-be-your-best-friends’ Syndrome is common among us womenfolk, we can make life much simpler by following just one trick. Yes girls, we all know how Aunt Flo unexpectedly comes knocking at the door and leaves you feeling down and out. Alas, your holidays or that special event goes for a toss when you realise your periods have showed up! But what if you knew when your periods were to arrive? Sounds like a plan, right?

Benefits of Tracking Menstrual Cycles

Here are a few reasons why using a period tracker is your best bet:

Be in control of your body

Tracking your menstrual cycle gives you full control of your body as well as your schedule. Once you know that your periods are set to arrive, you will be more mentally prepared and won’t be caught off-guard. This will also help you keep a stock of the sanitary products that you generally use and can accordingly carry them around with you! That’s not all, it will be much simpler to plan vacations or be prepared for that hectic day at work. Besides, you could postpone certain events or dates if you suffer from severe menstrual cramps or bloating and need to give your body some rest.

It’s your health report card

One huge reason one must use a period tracker is to identify any irregularities or abnormal patterns in one's menstrual cycle. If you observe a recurring pattern, you can tell your doctor the exact symptoms and resolve the issue. In case you feel that your menstrual cycle is irregular, or you have heavy periods every month, you can easily communicate this to your gynaecologist! Periods are a tell-tale sign of women’s health – they will tell you if your body is working right or not, so do not take this lightly at all!

For certain people, depression or anxiety attacks come calling a few days before or after their periods. While this varies from person to person, tracking your menstrual cycle could help you stay in sync with your mental health as well!

Helps you understand yourself

When you track your periods, you will be able to understand yourself in a better manner. Those unbearable cramps and mood swings can be controlled now, thanks to your mental preparedness. That’s not all, sometimes you may feel super emotional and dig into that huge tub of ice-cream – it might be because you are in your menstrual cycle. The tracker helps you understand your cravings as well as control its negative effects, too. In fact, those tubs of ice-creams or sugary treats could make your cramps worse – all you need to do is check the period tracker and take charge of your health.

Check your fertile days

A lot of women do not realise how tracking their cycles can help them get pregnant much faster! There are changes in cervical fluid due to fluctuations in hormones; this is the biggest reason why women get pregnant. Make sure you observe this fluid to know the right timing. In fact, it can also help to determine if you have any health issue.  Either way, if you want to conceive or don’t want to conceive – knowing your menstrual cycle is crucial. It tells you when you’re in ovulation, and when you are having your fertile days!

 Spice things up in the bedroom

If you are looking to intensify your orgasms, the period tracker will certainly come to be of help! The second week of your menstrual cycle is the perfect time to spice things up in the bedroom. This is primarily because in the second and third weeks, your testosterone and oestrogen levels are on the rise, and this makes it easy to have crazy orgasms! Nothing should stop you from planning that weekend getaway, ladies!

Sleep better

While a period tracker can help you plan your social calendar, it can also help you sleep better. Right before, during, and after your periods is the time when your body temperature rises, and you struggle to get proper snooze time. This is the time when you feel restless and bloated, which makes it difficult to get sound sleep. To get better sleep, reduce your intake of caffeine post lunch, and do not exercise in the evenings!

In a nutshell, tracking your periods helps you manage your life in a much better manner. So, what are you waiting for? Take this step today!



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