Woman PMSing.

Mother Fudging PMS

A fire broke out
in her.
As the last slice of cake,
Oh! glorious chocolate
in a lovely glass plate,
hit the ground
with a thunderous shatter,
and smashed her hopes
like they didn’t matter.
The world moved on
But she stood rooted.
Armed with a fork
she hunted and looted.
A hello here
A how do you do there
A sliver here
A forkful, mouthful, a fistful there
She pulled up for air
in her bloody rampage
chose a new target
and set the stage
The sugar Goddess
now ran deep in her veins
calmed the roaring fire
and pulled her reins.
Wiping the chocolate mess
off her happy face
she dumped the stained napkins
in a piling trash case
she walked to the wooden doors
and swung them open
and waltzed in the room
with no inhibitions.
Just as the fire was dying a sweet death
along came a flood
breaking through her laboured breath
the sight of a kitten
had brought forth this onslaught
a tiny furball
curled up in a pot
Dabbing her eyes she knew
she was smitten
coochie coo-ed and aww-ed
she kissed the little mitten.
She named it Belle
and felt all swell
and danced across the room
as if under a spell.
But a thunder roared
and not of a happy kind.
For Belle, she had jumped
and slid through an open blind.
The tears were now rolling
of both anger and love.
she threw a heavy punch
and smashed a porcelain dove.
Oh Mother Fudging PMS!
she’s now thinking of fudge.
Some walnuts and raisins
And chocolate SO MUCH!


Vedangi Dandwate

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