Period Pain - 8 Natural Remedies for Period Pains

Period Pain - 8 Natural Remedies for Period Pains

When periods come calling every month, most women dread the very thought of menstrual cramps. After all, your entire lower body, including your abdominal area and lower back, feels heavy and uncomfortable, especially during the first three days. Menstrual cramps generally occur when muscles of your womb contract and relax to shed the uterine lining. For some, the cramps are severe enough to interfere with their day-to-day activities, while for others, they are under control.

While popping that pill to relieve pain is the simplest solution, it is always better to go for natural remedies to avert any side effects.

Natural Remedies for Periods

Here’s a look at what you can do to fight period pain:

Eat differently

There are times when our calorie consumption is much higher than usual! Reduce the intake of fat in your diet and increase the consumption of vegetables. Make sure you switch unhealthy saturated fats for good ones, such as olive oil. Besides, including Magnesium in your diet also helps in relieving cramps. It helps in regulating nerve and muscle functioning, and is found in foods such as spinach and almonds. Also, make sure you cut down on caffeine and aerated beverages that increase bloating and water retention.

Sip on some tea

No, we aren’t talking about tea with high dairy content. Sip on herbal teas to experience a soothing and relaxing effect, and at the same time, relief from period pain. Teas with hints of peppermint and chamomile are said to be effective in fighting cramps, and act as nerve relaxants. Make sure you consult a medical practitioner in case you are on blood-thinning drugs.

Drink, drink, drink

For most women, drinking water during periods seems like a task, since they believe it causes bloating. No ladies, that’s not true. Make sure you have as many glasses of H2O to feel refreshed and relaxed during your periods. Drinking plain water doesn’t really sound too much fun, so how about adding a dash of lemon or any other fruit for some flavour? It’s a great way to increase your consumption of water!

Move it

I like to move it, move it; you like to move it, move it! When you move around instead of just lying in your bed, you instantly feel energised. After all, you secrete endorphins that relieve menstrual cramps and help your mood too. You could also heat things up by indulging in some pleasure with your partner. We know exercise or sex is not really on your mind during periods, but what’s the harm if it makes you feel better? Time to give it a shot!

Heat it up

This is a common remedy, which is both simple and effective! This has been used since times immemorial to reduce menstrual cramps. Take a hot water bag or wrap and place it on your abdomen to feel better almost instantly. It is believed that heat helps muscles relax and increases blood flow to tissues. In case you don’t have a hot water bag, fret not! Even a heat wrap will work in the same manner; all you need to do is wear it beneath your clothing!

Massage with essential oils

Yet another trick that’s simple but works like magic! Try using certain aromatic essential oils such as lavender, clary sage, and marjoram to relieve menstrual cramps. Take a little oil on your palm and massage your lower abdomen in a gentle manner. While practicing this during periods is great, make sure you do it otherwise too. This helps increase blood flow and reduces pain.

Include supplements in your diet

Include fish oil supplements as well as Vitamin B1 to your diet to get relief from period pain. It is believed that these supplements lower inflammation in the body and hence prove effective when ingested. These can also help in controlling other period-related symptoms, including headache and nausea, & irregular menstruation.

Alternative healing treatments

Apart from the above-mentioned remedies, you could also go for alternative healing treatments such as acupressure and acupuncture to get relief from period pain. It is believed that certain pressure points in the abdomen, back, hands and feet help to fight cramps. Make sure to try this and find out if it works for you!

We do know how every month feels like a burden, especially because of these awful cramps. These hacks can help you feel a lot better, but make sure to be consistent and follow them as much as you can. In case these hacks don’t help much, and you experience unbearable pain, do not delay and visit a doctor as soon as you can. As they always say, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’!

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