Flowing Thoughts

When women stand by women
She snoozed the alarm thrice before switching it off altogether. Her dreams were so much warmer than the marble floor. She was walking up the stage to receive her first Oscar for Best Actress. Without warning, the dream crashed...
Ms. Self-doubt & Friends
I feel like a small-little-nothing sometimes. Like my words have no meaning, my thoughts no voice and my life, no direction. I feel as if I am just a puppet, with someone else’ fingers twisting and turning me.
Q&A on Cervical Cancer
The number of women suffering from Cervical Cancer has seen a steady rise in the past few years. Keeping in mind the seriousness of this issue, we spoke directly to a gynecologist to get a better understanding of this disease.
The morality of Sex

I was 14 the first time someone explained ‘sex’ to me. And I was downright disgusted. To think that your parents did that! I couldn’t look them in the eye for many days...That’s how the journey of sex starts for most girls, with disgust.

Simple Yoga Postures to beat Menstrual Cramps
Being a woman is full of both fun and horrific surprises. One moment you could be walking down the street enjoying a beautiful day... and the next minute you are blasted out of your smugness with a cringing pain in the stomach.
Reading into the Reds
Menstruation, although widely despised, can offer a deep insight into one’s health. Like our routine tests, the color of our period blood is also an indication of what our body’s trying to tell us.
Yoga - My gateway to self-love
Two years ago I had the acute realization that my work, both actual and aspiring was following me everywhere. As I strove to outshine at my workplace and make the most of a thriving social circle, soon it felt like a tailspin...
The mother of all choices

I had my whole life planned out. Graduate, work for a couple of years, get an MBA, work as a consultant, travel far and wide, write, practice photography, work abroad for a few years...And it did not figure in a baby anytime soon.

Mother Fudging PMS
A fire broke out,
in her.
As the last slice of cake,
oh! glorious chocolate in a lovely glass plate,
hit the ground with a thunderous shatter,
and smashed her hopes like they didn’t matter.
Coco Chanel, the phenomenal designer, rose to fame when in a world of corset she introduced women to trousers and made comfort fashionable. Along the years, many designers have tried to follow in her footsteps...
Women who won't Shut Up
All too often, when we see injustices, both great and small, we think, That's terrible, but we do nothing. We say nothing. We let other people fight their own battles. We remain silent because silence is easier...
Breaking Stereotypes - One sport at a time
A decade ago, I remember watching Chak De! India and distinctly recollect the discourse it started. The prejudices and apathy that Indian women in sports faced, were brought...
When sisters reclaim Raksha Bandhan
In July last year, I went to rural Haryana as part of fieldwork on primary education for children. During the survey, as a part of trust building we would tell the respondents about us...
Befriending our ageing selves
The inclination to grow up tracks the path of a parabola curve. As young children the idea of adulthood is seen as one full of possibilities. It is a time when we are overwhelmed with this confidence...
Fearlessly You

When I use the word ‘fearless’, I do not imply it as the absolute absence of fear, its literal meaning. I rather think of it as the ability....