The 'To NOT Do' Period List

The 'To NOT Do' Period List

Periods are not a happy time of the month. It’s stressful, painful, emotionally turbulent, and physically excruciating. Which is why, we have compiled a list of what not to do during your periods to make them sail smoother.

- Avoid Salty Foods

No matter how much you crave for Lays, do not give in. Salty foods can actually escalate water retention and bloating. This is due to the high amount of sodium in these foods, which can actually worsen your period symptoms and cramps.

- Postpone your Wax Appointment

Waxing is painful, as it is. But add to that the pain of Menstrual Cramps and you’ve got yourself a kicker. During periods, your skin becomes extra sensitive and the pain receptors are intensified. Embrace the body hair!

- No Unprotected Sex please!

Chances of transmission of infections such as HIV are quite high during periods as the impure blood can lead viruses from your vagina to the cervix very easily. Also, it’s a myth that it is impossible to get pregnant during your period. Chances of pregnancy are high even if you are menstruating. It is just safer to use some protection.

- Change your Period-wear Frequently

In order to maintain a good vaginal health, it’s paramount that you change your pads/tampons every 4-5 hours. This prevents the body from bacterial build-up and unpleasant odour.

- Your Period will Thank You for Not Smoking

Studies suggest that smokers experience a more painful period than non-smokers. Avoid smoking for a smoother period.

- Work Out

Don’t ditch your workout during your periods because it pains too much. Light stretching and breathing exercises can help relieve cramps. Regular exercise can also cure your anxiety, headaches, menstrual cramps, and fatigue.

- Delay any Breast Exams

Breasts can get extremely sensitive during periods. If you plan on getting a breast examination, do it after your cycle is over. Because during periods, your body experiences immense fluctuations in both progesterone and estrogen levels, and these fluctuations can make the mammogram very uncomfortable. Heavy flow during a breast exam can also raise false alarms for both, you and your doctor.

- Ditch the Dairy

You might crave for some cheese dipping and buttery crisps during your period, but hold it.  Dairy products can lead to gases and irritable bowels, which make the cramps even more severe.

- Hit the Snooze Button

Lack of sleep can increase the stress hormones in your body and lead to a hormonal imbalance. Don’t hold back on your sleep during periods.

- Pick Tea over Coffee

Caffeine can worsen your period pains. Go for a warm cup of tea instead. Add some ginger, squeeze some lime, and stir with some honey. Heaven!

There’s one more factor that could lead to painful and stressful periods – the quality of your period-care products. Conventional plastic pads are lined with harmful synthetics and chemicals that can lead to allergies, infections and harsh rashes.

Carmesi pads are made of completely natural ingredients. They are soft on your skin, and safe for your body. When making a choice for your body, choose a product that won’t harm it. Because, it matters. Period.

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